What the hell is a sensus?

A sensus is when three or more people contribute to a collective prediction. Each member of a Team influences the sensus prediction by entering their own match score predictions.

It's also a unique and social way to form your weekend's accumulator, or create some competitive fun at work, with friends and family.

Can I bet real money?

If you want to bet, the "auto-fill betslip" makes it easy. All predictions on this website are automatically entered into a betslip at Betfair – in just one click!

Code when registering at Betfair: ZSK200 for £30 free bets after you deposit and bet £10 on sports.

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How is it scored?

The League shows all Teams ranked by % accuracy of their sensus predictions.


Click on any team name and see how its individual members scored that week:


+10 (correct score)

+5 (correct result and goal difference)

+3 (Correct result only) and

-2 (incorrect result).


All Leagues and Team Rankings are weekly; except the Global Sensus which provides all-time scores.

What is the Betsensus algorithm?

That’s the secret sauce! And we can't go into specifics. But it's well-considered, fair and certainly listens to everyone – even those with a "funny feeling" for a shock result. Because upsets happen and these people are worth listening to sometimes!

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About Betsensus

Balance the bias, mix everyone's gut feeling and find the sensus! We hope, think... believe that groups make better predictions. Each week our Global Sensus will represent the biggest tip in football!

Create your own mix of minds from friends/family/workmates/fans of certain clubs. Form your sensus together. Share a bet. Play for points. Have more fun than predicting alone. 

FREE to play. All users automatically join our Global Sensus team. Create your own team to find the sensus with friends. Individual and team rankings identify the top tipsters!

Who do you trust with a place on your team of predictors? Create yours.